Repair & Convert Wall Phones (1929-1986)

When we talk about Repairing, Converting and Restoring British wall telephones we are referring to a wide range of model type and age. Basically we restore old fashioned wall rotary dial telephones all the way from wooden wall phones (like the 121) dating from the 1920's, through the Bakelite wall phones from the 1930's, 40's and 50's , the plastic wall phones from the 1960's (like the 711) right the way through to the 1980's telephones (like the 741).

Due to the fact that British wall telephones cover such a wide span we recommend that you first contact us with either the model details or if you don’t have these then please provide photographs of your vintage wall telephone. We can then use this information give you an idea of the costs involved in repair or restoration.

We offer three distinct services:

  • Repair: Fix Faults and Service the Telephone

  • Convert: Convert for modern use and Service the Telephone

  • Restore: Restore (clean & polish) Convert and Service the Telephone

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Once we have your British wall telephone details we will email you with simple costing information and any restoration/renovation options that are available for your particular rotary telephone.

Many of the British antique and vintage desk mounted telephone models made by the GPO and later BT had a counterpart wall telephone version. The internals were almost the same, however the telephone case was modified to suit wall mounting.

Wall telephones were historically fitted in the hallway, mainly because early telephones were big and heavy and hanging the telephone on the wall was the only practical option. Later in the 1960's the kitchen became a popular location for wall telephones, partly because of the American influence from TV and films.

Vintage Wall Telephones