Repair & Convert 746 Telephones (1967-1985)

All 746 telephones are thoroughly check arrive in our vintage telephone workshop to make sure that all the mechanical & electrical parts are not missing or damaged in any way.

Repair & Service

We will Repair any and all mechanical and/or electrical faults found and listed in our detailed report.

As well as the repair we also give your 746 vintage phone a full service. Our mechanical and electrical 746 telephone service covers all the telephone components. We have designed this service based on many years of technical experience with vintage phones.

During the 746 telephone service we will calibrate and lubricate (using the right oils) all the mechanical parts, including the the rotary dial, the iconic telephone bells and the adjust the micro-switch mechanism.

We use special test equipment to perform these calibrations and all this will ensure the optimum performance of your 746 rotary dial telephone.

Please be aware the cost of any faulty part would be additional to the repair costs shown above. However we always include the cost of any replacement parts in our initial report.

After servicing and calibration we "soak test" your 746 telephones on our ex BT Telephone test equipment. We repeat these tests over 5 to 7 days before returning the 746 Telephone to you.


We Convert the 746 series telephone so that the ringing circuit has as REN of 1 (modern standard since 1979). Our conversion is also designed to make sure your 746 telephone will not reduce your Broadband stability or speeds.

The 746 Telephone Conversion includes the cost of the following spare parts:

  • We fit a brand new new "cackle free" electronic microphone, as the original old carbon granule microphones in 746 phones deteriorate over time and become crackly on long calls.
  • A 3 meter high quality (round profile) colour matched (as closely as possible) line cord. This line cord plugs into a standard modern style telephone socket. Our line cords are produced in the UK to the correct BT 746 telephone colour code.

Once conversion is finished we perform a rigorous mechanical & electrical service of your vintage phone.

We calibrate (using dedicated telephone test equipment) all the mechanical parts of the 746 phone, including the dial, bells and the Microswitch assembly. This service and calibration will make certain that your vintage 746 Telephones works at optimal performance.

Full Restoration

Our 746 telephone Restoration includes all the items listed in option 2. In addition we give the telephone a thorough clean and restoration of all the plastic parts (three stage polish).

746 Phone Restoration involves hand polishing and the the use of a workbench plastic polishing machine. We do NOT use coloured polishes, dyes or spray paint to simulate a restoration finish. We also clean the internals and the rotary dial mechanism.

Over the years many plastic 746 phones often suffer the effects of sun damage. This sun damage causes a chemical change deep into the plastic resulting in a colour change. Once the colour change has occurred it is not possible to significantly reverse the effects,

Restoration also includes the cost of a replacement plastic curly handset cord. We have these 746 telephone handset cords made in the UK using the correct BT colour coding.

746 series telephones are thoroughly tested before they are returned, using our workshops dedicated BT telephone test equipment.

After any full restoration we always "soak test" these vintage telephones for five to seven days, so that the 746 telephone calibrations have had time to bed down.

The 746 Telephone was first introduced into service in 1967, replacing the previous 706 model. The 746 case had an integral handle which removed the need for a separate handle. Although the handset was the same the case was slightly different from the 706, however it kept the same overall look and feel. The same colour options as the 706 were available, although Brown was added towards the end of the production period.

Regardless of the case colour the 746 telephone also had a semi transparent finger dial rather than the colour coded dials used on the 706 range.

Please read our FAQ (Frequently asked Questions) for more details on dial telephone compatibility etc.

746 Telephone

The 746 was later produced with the new style plug type lead (PST), it was then known as model 8746. These 8746 telephones were also converted to high impedance (400K Ohm) bells to work reliably on the new system of telephone wiring introduced by BT in 1979.

Our 746 Telephone Guarantee

Our lead telephone engineer quality checks each individual 746 telephone before it is sent back to yourself. We believe that you will not find better workmanship or vintage telephone expertise anywhere else. We guarantee all our work and any replacement parts that we fit to your 746 telephone for 12 months.

Vintage Telephone Engineer