Selling Your Antique Telephones

We are always looking to buy unrestored genuine British Bakelite antique rotary telephones dating from 1915 to 1959.

Although we sell vintage GPO telephones our main area of knowledge/expertise is in servicing, converting and restoring antique phones. Basically we add value to these old telephones by spending between 9 and 21 hours performing these restoration, servicing and calibration tasks. Consequently we primarily buy antique telephones that have not already been professionally serviced and restored.

We do buy the 746 telephones from the 1970's and 1980's however we only buy the internals of these telephones, as we re-case them with new telephone cases made in the UK using the original case moulding. Because we re-case them and replace the old cords (with new) we only buy them as spares.

However, we also buy damaged old GPO telephones to be salvaged and use as spare parts. These spare vintage telephone parts (such as a rotary dial) then help us restore and renovate other antique/vintage phones. Our main aim is always to keep these iconic old telephones in perfect working order so that they remain in every day use, preserving them for the future.

Antique Telephone Restoration

Why Sell to an Antique Telephone Restorer?

We believe that most of the time when you sell an old GPO telephone directly to a antique telephone restorer such as ourselves you will get a much better deal for your old phone, as you avoid paying seller fees to auctions (conventional or online).

Plus antique telephone restorers will often be willing to pay slightly more when buying an old phone direct, as they don't have to worry about undisclosed damage etc. Very often when they buy an old phone via online auctions people fail to spot or disclose damage to these antique phones. This is particularly true when people sell a Bakelite phone. One persons idea of excellent or superb condition is very different to another’s.

Old Telephones

Advice on Selling Antique Phones

If you are selling your old GPO telephone our advice is to get competitive quotes from at least three "Antique Telephone Restorers", as their stock levels and demand for certain models of British telephone will vary over time. Most dealers in old rotary phones will have customers waiting for specific models of antique phones. Therefore if your vintage/antique telephone is one that is on a dealers "waiting list" they may be willing to pay slightly more for it.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email (see our contact page for details) if you have any British telephones or old telephone spare parts for sale. If possible attach photographs of your phone to your email as this helps us give you an idea of the telephone model and potential value.