Repair & Convert Antique Telephones

Unfortunately due to high demand it has become necessary to put all our time and effort into restoring our own telephones for our vintage telephone sales page. Therefore for the foreseeable we are not accepting any new requests for restoration, conversion or repair work for other people.

In the unlikely event a phone you have purchased from ourselves or previously had restored/converted by ourselves develops a fault, we still offer a repair service for these telephones.

We repair, service, convert and restore old British rotary dial telephones (1915 - 1986). However please be aware that we do not work on foreign, modern or replica telephones.

Our chief telephone engineer worked for BT for over 32 years and has the City & Guilds "Full Certificate" qualification in Telecommunications (5 years of study and exams).

So that we can give you the right information and an idea of repair, service, conversion or restoration costs please select from the pictures below the range of British telephones that is the nearest match to your Vintage/Antique Telephone.

Vintage Phone Workshop

As well as unrivalled experience and qualifications we have a dedicated Antique telephone workshop where we perform all our antique and vintage rotary telephone repairs, servicing and restorations. Although our Vintage phone workshop is located in Yorkshire more than 95% of the work we do is received by post from all over the UK.

Our telephone workshop is fitted out with a comprehensive set of test equipment for both testing and calibrating each individual model of GPO phone. Our antique telephones don't just look good on the outside, we actually lavish more time cleaning, servicing and adjusting them on the inside to ensure your rotary vintage telephone will work to peak performance for many years to come. We believe this comprehensive servicing and calibration also extends the life of these vintage phones so that they will be better preserved for the future.

All the old phones we restore or repair are calibrated and tested on our test equipment for a minimum of 7 days after the work has been completed. We always recommend this extended testing period before they are collected or sent back by post to allow the phones to bed in.

Old phone Workshop

Vintage Telephone Workshop

Vintage Phone Guarantee

Abdy Antique telephones senior telephone engineer quality checks every telephone before it is sent back to the customer. We believe that the work that we do is of the highest possible standard and we pride ourselves that you will not find better quality workmanship anywhere else. We guarantee all of our work and any telephone parts that we replace for a full twelve months.

Vintage Telephones