For Sale Vintage Telephones & Spare Parts

To see detailed pictures and prices of the individual antique/vintage telephones we have for sale please select the relevant telephone model or era in the pictures shown below. However, if you are unsure you can also look at all of our Antique/Vintage telephones by clicking on the button labelled "All Telephones For Sale". Alternatively if you are looking to buy Vintage telephone "spare parts" please click on the "All Spare Parts For Sale" button.

How we Restore Vintage Phones

Please note that all of these genuine vintage British GPO rotary telephones have been carefully taken apart, each individual component thoroughly cleaned, professionally restored and serviced using the correct GPO phone spare parts.

If necessary we have replaced any worn or damaged vintage telephone cords, plastic cases or handsets with UK made high quality copies of the originals.

As standard, we always replace the worn "carbon granule" telephone microphones with superior "crackle free" electronic microphones. This bring the speech quality up-to (if not better) than most modern land line telephones.

All of our vintage phones have been professionally converted by ourselves in our workshop ready for modern use and all the rotary telephone dials and mechanical bells have been carefully calibrated using our dedicated testing equipment.

We always use the original GPO telephone "Engineering Instructions" as a reference for these adjustments. This means that these antique phones will work correctly when plugged into modern BT style phone sockets and that they will not interfere with your Broadband speed or reliability.

For more information about the compatibility of old fashioned telephones please see our FAQ Page.

Genuine GPO Bakelite telephones have become more desirable in recent years partly because people see these fantastic old rotary dial phones in Films and TV programs like Ashes To Ashes, The Crown, "Deal Or No Deal", the TV Burp Telephone, or even the American vintage telephones like the Batman Telephone.

All these classic/ nostalgic telephones were produced in the UK. In the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's telephones were made for the General Post Office, (GPO telephones), the 1960's phones for Post Office Telephones (BPO Telephones). The later 1970's telephones for Post Office Telecommunications and finally the 1980's telephones produced for British Telecommunications. The build quality and elegant design ensures that once we have been restored them these beautiful phones will last for many more decades to come.

We always have a number of classic old telephones in our vintage GPO telephone workshop undergoing restoration before they are ready for sale and display on this website. If you can't find the vintage/antique phone you are looking for on our "All Telephones For Sale" pages please contact us and we will do our best to try and help you locate the vintage phone you are interested in.

Restoring these old fashioned telephones back to their former glory and keeping them in circulation is our passion as well as our business. We believe that you can see this dedication in the high quality of our restored antique/vintage phones.