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Abdy Antique Telephones

26 Far Golden Smithies,
Swinton, South Yorkshire. S64 8DE

This is our vintage telephone workshop not an antique shop, so personal visits by appointment only please.

: 01709 578008


: Monday-Wed: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
: Friday-Saturday: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

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Abdy Antique Telephones Contact

You should receive an automated email response within an hour of your contact form enquiry. We will also endeavour to reply in person to any vintage telephone enquiry within 24 business hours (see the top of this page for our antique telephone workshop opening hours).

Please be aware our office and vintage telephone workshop is closed on Thursdays and Sundays so you will normally not receive a reply on those two days.

If for any reason you do not receive a personal "human" response to your vintage rotary phone enquiry within the 24 hours and it is our normal days of business (see above) please check that our reply has not been placed in your e-mail spam folder.

If you are still unable to locate our email response, please feel free to contact us using our direct email address above or contact us on our workshop telephone number and we will be more than happy to help (again please check our office hours).

Although our knowledge, skill and experience is concentrated on genuine British antique rotary telephones (1910 to 1986) we believe that because of this narrow focus we are the UK's premier experts in the field of British vintage/antique phones. Particularly old GPO phones of the Bakelite telephone Era (1930's to 1960's).

Please note that we can only provide valuation guidance for unrestored and unconverted vintage telephones that you may be considering selling to us so that we can restore them in our vintage telephone workshop. We also only buy British vintage telephones. Although there are many "nice looking" foreign antique telephones in circulation we strongly believe that when it come to antique telephones British engineering was the best. Plus we only have the spare parts and diagrams for genuine British rotary phones.

We believe keeping these "Old Fashioned Telephones" in circulation is our contribution to preserving British Telephone history, so replying to your enquiry is always very important to us.

If you are on Facebook or Twitter please click on our social media icons above. It is always nice when we see comments and feedback about our website or our vintage telephones.