RestorationCandlestick Phones (1924 to 1935)

Before we repair Candlestick (Model No 150) telephones we always check with to make sure they are genuine original antique telephones, as we do not work on or repair the replicas.

Since the 1970's there have been a large number of replicas produced, in fact 95% of the Candlestick antique rotary dial telephones that people would like us to repair or convert for modern use turn out to be replicas.

To get a genuine Candlestick rotary telephone to work correctly it MUST come with either a Wooden Bell Set No1 or a Bakelite Bell Set No 25. Both these Bell Sets are increasingly hard to locate. The reason that these Bell Sets are essential is because they contain a very specific induction coil that is key to speech.

Without this rare induction coil we are unable to convert the telephone for modern use so that it does not interfere with other telephone equipment or Broadband. More importantly if the original Candlestick is connected to your phone system without this coil it will slowly and permanently polarise (degrade/destroy) the irreplaceable Bell Receiver.

Candlestick Phone

The British Candlestick antique telephone was based on an American design. Most of the candlestick telephones (that have the provision for a dial) were the type known as Tele 150's. Introduced in 1924 the 150 was the PO's first standard design of a rotary dial table telephone.

The antique telephone case was always made of steel (painted black) with a cast iron base. Only ancillary parts of the telephone were made from brass. For example the hand held earpiece (called a Bell receiver) was brass coated in Ebonite, with a Bakelite ear piece. The dials used were of type 10, although type 12 dials were sometimes fitted later.

The candlestick telephone had very little room for internal components, these extra components such as the induction (speech) coil and the bell would have been housed in an external "Bell Set". This would have been a Wooden Bell Set No 1 or later a Bakelite Bell Set No 25.

Candlestick Telephone