About Abdy Antique Telephones

We are a small family business in the UK, originally set up in 2006. The business is owned and run by Karen Blackett who works full time restoring these iconic British vintage GPO telephones.

However for us this is far more than just a job, as we believe that by restoring these vintage/ antique telephones and keeping them in circulation we are contributing to the preservation of an important part of "British Engineering" history.

Here is an actual photograph of our S.F.I.O (Special Faults Investigation Officer) working on his very first 1950's Bakelite 300 series rotary telephone. Before him his father also worked for the GPO for 40 years. As you can see these iconic British rotary telephones are in our blood.

Vintage Telephone Engineer

Antique Phone Workshop

To do all this work we have a purpose designed and built antique telephone workshop, where we do all our own vintage and antique telephone repair, servicing and restoration work. You will not see a better equipped dedicated vintage rotary phone workshop anywhere else in the UK.

Our workshop is equipped with a comprehensive set of telephone test equipment. Our old fashioned telephones don't just look good, we actually take far more time cleaning, servicing and adjusting these beautiful rotary dial telephones on the inside than we do making them look fantastic on the outside. This is done to make sure that these old phones will work to peak performance for many more years to come.

Once calibrated all the vintage phones we restore or repair are extensively "soak" tested on this specialist GPO test equipment for a minimum of a week before they leave our workshop.

Old phone Workshop

Vintage Telephone Workshop

UK Vintage Telephone Service

Although our vintage telephone workshop is located in South Yorkshire our customers come from every part of the UK. Due to our unique knowledge, skill and many years of expertise we sell our vintage phones nationwide.

If you have any questions about any of our British antique or vintage rotary dial telephones please feel free to get in touch with us by email or phone (please see our contact page in the top menu bar).

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