For Sale 706 Series Telephones For Sale (1959-1967)

Ivory 711 Ref: 7829

A nice 1960's Ivory 711 Wall phone with plastic rear chassis. Unfortunately the original case was damaged beyond repair and we have had to replace it. Being picky the original handset is slightly more yellowed with age than the new case. Overall the phone is in good condition with only minor nibbles and surface scratches consistent with age and previous use. Includes the original wall fixing bracket

£90 (P&P: £9.00):FOR SALE

Green 706 Ref: 7875

A classic Green 706 retro telephone with plastic carrying handle. The metal base and internals are all original and dated 1966 however as the case was too badly damaged to restore it has been necessary to replace it with a new one made in the UK to the same GPO specifications.

£75 (P&P: £9.00):SOLD

Ivory 710 Ref: 7804

A very nice example of a 1967 British 710 telephone with plastic base. The Finger Dial and some of the buttons have slightly yellowed with age but apart from this the phone is in lovely condition with only minor nibbles and surface scratches which are consistent with age and use. The buttons (3 of which are blanking buttons) on the top no longer have a function and are just for decorative purposes only.

£78 (P&P: £9.00):SOLD