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Welcome to Abdy Antique Telephones, we sell fully working top quality "original" vintage phones online. Our telephones are "unique" to us.

Many old phones that you see for sale in shops or online are not restored to our standard of quality.

People who buy from us (via post) come from every part of the UK, even though our workshop is in good old Yorkshire.

We have a superb selection of genuine British telephones and we add more as we finish restoring them to their former glory.

We buy original GPO Telephones and then lovingly restore, convert, service, calibrate and test them.

Only when we are totally happy with them do we offer these iconic old vintage phones for sale.

Our workshop is open from 10 am until 6 pm five days a week - we close Thursdays and Sundays. Personal visits are by appointment only, please.

Why does quality restoration matter?

Our unique selling point is that we take as much care and attention renovating the inside as we do the outside.

Think of a vintage telephone as you would a vintage car. It is nice to have the outside shiny, it is even more important to have the insides working reliably.

To us, these are far more than "old fashioned telephones". We believe we are "Preserving British Telephone History".

You will not find better quality workmanship, or aftercare service anywhere else.

We have been restoring these beautiful pieces of history (full-time) for over 12 years.

Our main technician has over 32 years experience working for BT. With many City & Guilds qualifications in Telecommunications.

Please be aware that if the plastic cases or handsets on our 700 series telephones have been damaged beyond repair/restoration they have been replaced with high quality new casings made in the UK to the original GPO specification.

Why buy a vintage Telephone?

These Bakelite telephones were built when "Made in Britain" was the "Best in the World".

Genuine dial phones are fantastic pieces of British Engineering. They are not to be confused with the poorer quality replicas you see for sale elsewhere.

We only sell genuine original British rotary pulse dial phones. We have converted, restored and serviced them ready for modern use.

They all simply plug into a modern BT style socket!

They will work on a modern network, please see our "Frequently Asked Questions" page for more details.

We also convert them so that they will not slow your Broadband speed. Plus they will not make your Broadband connection unreliable.

How to Buy our Antique Telephones

You can see photographs of all the phones we have for sale by selecting "Phones For Sale". This option is in our top menu bar.

We always take several good quality photographs of every individual retro phone before they are put on the website.

We also provide an accurate and easy to understand summary, with all their main points listed. However, we are always happy to answer any further questions you may have by email. Alternatively just give us a ring.

You can also see a "small selection" at Elsecar Antiques Centre. The antique centre is in Elsecar near Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The centre itself is well worth a visit.

If you are selling, we also buy unconverted Bakelite phones (1915 to 1986).

What are GPO Telephones

GPO (General Post Office) was the original name for BT (British Telecoms). The GPO had a monopoly on "renting" landlines to their "subscribers", so they were never sold to the public.

These same iconic pieces of engineering were also sold to businesses by the UK manufacturers. These business phones were not badged as GPO but as ATM, GEC, TMC etc.

The most important thing to check with an antique telephone is to confirm that it was produced in the UK. This assures you that it was made to very high standards using superb quality materials. This was in an era when "Made in Britain" was best.

Many of our customers tell us that they miss the classic old fashioned ring. They buy an original retro phone because they want to re-live the joy they remember from the sound of the bell. That and the lovely feel of a genuine rotary dial.

Nostalgic Old Telephones

These were made in an age when the landline telephone was a thing of beauty and classic design. An Art Deco Bakelite phone, in particular, was regarded as a status symbol, an item of pure luxury.

These old telephones (including the wall mounted telephone) represent the pinnacle of a golden age of British engineering. So please be aware they are becoming increasingly hard to find in good condition.

Many of our customers buy a genuine pulse dial phone to get that "finishing touch" to a beautiful home. Some just to hear the iconic tone of an old telephone bell.

These make the perfect present for people who want that combination of nostalgia, reliability, quality and working British history.

Vintage Telephone Workshop

We have a purpose built vintage telephone workshop for all our antique phone restoration. Here we do all our own servicing, conversion and restoration work.

We also have a comprehensive set of GPO test equipment in our workshop. Everything we restore is thoroughly tested on this equipment. They are tested for at least a week before they leave our workshop.

We also sell spare parts for DIY, if you would like to restore your phone yourself. Bakelite GPO phone spares

We have also produced several information pages going into far more detail for people who are interested. Please see 200 Series Bakelite GPO Telephones and 300 Series Bakelite GPO Telephone.

Please tell your friends about us!

Because we are a small family run business we are very reliant on individual word of mouth recommendations, so if you are happy with our service please don't forget to tell your friends and if possible mention us on Facebook etc.

We hope you have found our site useful, however if you have any suggestions for improvement (small or large) please contact us. We always appreciate feedback and you can reach us via our contacts page (see the top menu) or by email. Alternatively if you use social media you can always contact us on Facebook or Twitter by selecting the social media buttons below.

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